Integra Enerji

About us

Integra Energy was established in 2017 to anticipate the needs and potentials in the sector and meet the requirements and give direction. In its short journey, Integra Energy has always been one step ahead of the change,and aims to be among the largest and most successful energy companies not just in Turkey but also in Europe. Energy sector, one of the primarily needed sectors in both Turkey and the world, is the main activity of our company.

The success story of Integra Energy based on its outstanding R&D investments, business experience on numerous projects, consultancy services, development and completion of projects in the design or implementation phase, investments in agricultural irrigation projects, business knowledge over completed roof applications, engineering and in-depth knowledge of contracting expertise and maintenance, repair and installation services.

Integra Energy focuses on many areas in Solar Energy Systems, including: Project & Engineering Services, Consulting Services, Roofing Applications, Agricultural Irrigation, Installation and Maintenance.
Integra Energy, regardless of the design or implementation phase of the project, performs all of the execution, planning, project consultancy, installation and maintenance services in accordance with the Renewable Energy Law and the relevant Legislation Environmental Impact Assessments together with legal advisors, stakeholders and the local community from the beginning to the end of your project. Integra Energy, the address of the right solar power plant investment and environmentally friendly solutions, achieves innovative and creative results by establishing turnkey SES projects, developing different and specific solutions for each project and continuously increasing its service quality.

Our Mission

  • "To become the leader of the sector with the slogan “We Supply Energy; Green - Renewable” sloganıyla sektöründe en iyi konuma gelmek.
  • To solve the energy problem of our country with solar energy and to contribute to our country in minimizing our budget deficits.
  • To be able to adapt to the ever-changing competitive environment.
  • To be in the interest of our country, to act with the awareness of environmental protection and to spread this awareness.
  • To achieve success with its quality and creativity and to be able to make it permanent.
  • To provide service by following the technology in the best way and supplying the right and the latest products.
  • Our Vision

  • In the changing world energy profile, the limited oil and natural gas reserves together with social and environmental factors have increased the interest in renewable energy sources. In this process, we aim to reach the best position in the domestic and international solar energy sector.
  • While foreign dependency in energy imports of Turkey and the demand for energy worldwide increasing investments in the renewable energy sector, we aim to produce our own photovoltaic panels and to solve the energy problem of our country with solar energy and contribute to our country in minimizing the external budget deficits.
  • Continuous changes in the energy sector create various opportunities in the sector as well as risks for already existing and new companies in the energy sector. We aim to adapt to the ever-changing competitive environment.
  • We aim to benefit our country, by acting with environmental awareness and spreading this awareness. We aspire to be a vital driving force on changing the world's and Turkey’s energy profile in the overseas market.