Integra Enerji


As Integra Enerji, we believe that our most important value is our highly qualified employees. Within the framework of our vision, the aim of Human Resources management is to incorporate, retain and develop talents that are compatible with Integra Energy values and culture.

Areas of Focus of Our Human Resources Policies;
* Creating human resources strategies in line with the company vision,
* Providing the continuous development of employees,
* Contributing to the development and strengthening of the organizational structure.

Effective Performance Management

With our performance management program, we create a common understanding of Integra Energy’s vision and goals, measure the effectiveness of the work carried out, and ensure that our employees’ contribution to the corporate success is understood. We support the continuous development of our employees with team and individual goal setting, goal prioritization, measurement, feedback and development planning processes. We facilitate the operation of the process with an effective technological infrastructure.

Salary Management

The basis of Integra Enerji wage management; job levels, sectoral salary market and corporate pricing policy. We apply a fair pricing policy to all our employees according to the value, contribution and responsibility levels they create.